Connecting Athletes and Coaches at All Levels

Get On The Radar is a platform where high-school athletes and college recruiters can connect and determine whether there are pathways for students to continue their athletic and academic careers.

To understand what Get On The Radar is and does, it’s important to understand also what it is not. Get On The Radar strives to be a platform for high-school athletes to explore the possibility of continuing their playing careers and education beyond high-school graduation. We want to allow young athletes to put their best foot forward in meaningful ways to show off to a recruiter.

Some services get hired by athletes or their families to market them to colleges. For these companies, it’s a numbers game, so they try to get their athletes in front of recruiters using a shotgun approach, sending their information to all of the schools in their database. But they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Often these companies charge the athletes a fee for their services, ranging into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How Our Approach Is Different

Through research of our network of recruiters and coaches, we have learned that this shotgun approach doesn’t work—for the recruiters. And if it doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t work for anyone.

Recruiters indicate to us that most of the emails sent out in this scattershot distribution just end up being deleted. Simply put, the recruiter finds that the lack of focus means that it can be a waste of time, since many players featured in the e-mails do not fit the needs of that recruiter at the time. Why would the linebackers coach of a university team want to receive emails that focus on quarterbacks or offensive line?

We believe young athletes should have the opportunity to continue their education and their athletic career, and have a chance to be awarded scholarships to help them to achieve that goal.

At the same time, college coaches can benefit from a simple way to find athletes who may be outside their usual recruiting areas.

The Solution: Get On The Radar

We want to help the high school athlete who isn’t a Top 200 prospect find schools who might have a spot available on their roster.

Our recruiting marketing service offers the athlete a self-service platform to create an athletic profile to “advertise” and promote themselves to colleges and universities. This self-service, custom-built profile is maintained by the athlete, who controls what information and content is displayed. High school athletes now have an active part in starting the recruiting process with colleges and recruiters.

This service also provides to college recruiters a database to mine to find student athletes, communicate with them, and glean vital information. The recruiter may decide to initiate contact while also gaining insight into recruiting areas that normally they would never learn about due to budget or time constraints.