Coaches and Recruiters Discover a New Pool of Athletes Looking for Scholarships

With about 8 million young athletes competing in a wide range of sports, high school athletics are a tremendous proving ground for your needs as a coach at the college level. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

Best of all, every young athlete in our database is after two things, and you have access to the system that hands out both of them: roster spots on a college team and athletic scholarships to help offset costs so these kids pursue their goals at the college level.

How to Use Get On The Radar Effectively to Find Talent

The advantage of Get On The Radar is that now you can learn about young people who may have the combination of talent, athleticism, leadership, and grit that you’re looking for, but otherwise you never would have heard about them. Looking for athletes in geographic hotbeds of activity or from the area surrounding your institution may give you a leg up in recruiting—lifelong fans can make great additions to your team.

Searching our database may give you some insight into what high-school athletes think of their chances, but it may also provide some idea of what the real talent pool is like. The intangibles will come through in your conversations and meetings.