Help Your Athletes Get to the Next Level

There’s a little bit of the dream of superstardom in the heart of every player. Sometimes it drives them to do great things on the field or gives them a presence among their teammates that is invaluable to the team.

As a high-school coach you understand your athletes, maybe better than anyone. And you know how to dial in that motivation when they need it most. These kids have been under your wing for a while now—some of them for four years or even longer, if you coached them in camps and rec leagues too. It’s great to see them prepare for takeoff and graduate.

How Can a High School Coach Help Their Athletes Continue Their Athletic and Academic Career?

Your players don’t have to finish up their career with you. They can continue to play in college and get a scholarship to continue their education as well. Not everyone needs to be a Division 1 star. After all, some kids think getting a college degree makes them a superstar.

In larger college teams, specialization is the key. But in other schools, more versatile athletes will be more appealing. Sharing details about athleticism will help your athlete set him or herself apart.

Get On The Radar helps your athletes continue their career at the next level. Athletes should be sure to represent their careers accurately, and as their coach you should encourage them to share their attributes and talents accurately. As a high-school coach, you can help each athlete by verifying and certifying the statistics that the players post to their profile.

Intangible Assets Hiding in Every Team

There’s more to an athlete than just stats. These are the kind of things that can help your athletes improve their appeal to recruiters:

  • Every locker room needs leaders, and they can help a team really come together and play as a unit. If you have leaders on your team, encourage them to share their talents.
  • Hard work and that inner drive to succeed is an immeasurable stat that can make all the difference, and they’re all the more important when you think about an athlete who may be away from home for the first time.
  • College recruiters like to see talented players, but they also like to see demonstrated improvement. Look for kids on your roster who grow as players each season and you may be seeing future college stars.
  • Athletes who make it are those who make the grade. College coaches don’t need the aggravation of academic probation. It speaks to a mindset of success.