Looking [Out] for Your Athlete

So many promising athletic careers end at graduation for the wrong reasons. Even gifted high-school athletes are dependent on a network of coaches sharing their stories. Not every kid is going to play their sport under the lights on a national stage on Saturday night. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t college roster spots and coaches looking for new talent to bring to the next level.

That’s where Get On The Radar comes in. We help share the information that will get kids noticed. That’s because we let the coaches and recruiters from college programs search for what they’re after.

Other programs email every coach in the country with information about young people who pay a fee to be featured. Those programs don’t work very well, at least according to the recruiters on the receiving end, who tell us they delete most of the emails that come in.

Instead, our platform lets coaches search any part of the country, from narrow, targeted areas to widespread multistate searches, to locate athletes with certain skillsets to fit into their gameplan.

High-school athletes on our platform can learn about teams at schools they’ve never heard of, but where they could be a star on the team, and get a good education too. That kind of achievement can help build confidence and bring out the best in young people, setting them on a path to success.