Connecting Athletes and College Scholarship Opportunities

Get On The Radar is a platform that uses technology to share information between high school athletes and college coaches and recruiters. Athletes can create a profile on the Get On The Radar database to share information about their athletic career and goals, and they can also see the listing of colleges and universities where coaches have access to the database. At the same time, college coaches and recruiters can search for players who may fulfill their needs for open roster spots while also meeting the requirements for scholarships they can award.

Fulfilling a Need in the World of College Athlete Recruiting

For many high school athletes who may want to continue to play their sport, the problem is that the spotlight of coach and recruiter attention doesn’t reach too deeply into the talent pool. Instead, the system has always been built to find game-changers, athletes who get most of the attention whenever they set foot on the court or the field. Recruiters have long shown up at games and even practices to see what these athletes can do in person. The Top 200 prospects are in the spotlight and the schools are always vying for their interest. Any athlete not in the Top 200 is left scrambling to get recruiters’ attention.

Reality Check: Opportunity Abounds for High School Athletes

Consider the numbers of athletes and opportunities out there:
  • More than 37,000 high schools in the U.S. field an estimated 8 million high school athletes.
  • More than 2,000 colleges across the country fill rosters in teams representing nearly 50 sports for men and women.
  • Basketball alone is estimated to offer more than 46,000 scholarships to young men and women.

  • A New Way to Look at the Future

    Some athletes find it easier to be motivated by their sports more than academics. As a result, their high school experience has helped them to become young adults with a more balanced approach to life, as meeting minimum grade requirements allowed them to stay on the playing field.

    Scholarships can be the way for students to continue both their athletic and academic career, helping to offset the cost of their education, while also motivating them to find those prized spots on team rosters. Making the team and making the grade go hand in hand as they while helping them to continue their athletic career beyond high school.

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